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Drawing Connections: Artist Ambassador

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Drawing Connections

"Artist Ambassador"
Vol. 2, No. 1, January 2022

This has been a very important week for me and I would even call it a bucket list item as an artist.

It’s official, I am an Artist Ambassador for Pentel Canada! Not bad for someone with no art education and didn’t start creating until I was 40.

Mike’s Ambassador page on Pentel Canada
Click the image to view my bio and art on Pentel Canada‘s web site

Pentel Canada has been a strong supporter of my graphite work and the work of many other creatives by liking and sharing our work through Instagram. I was contacted by Pentel Canada a couple of months ago about becoming one of their Artist Ambassadors. Of course, I jumped at the chance. I was a little concerned about the requirements on my side but all they said was to try an include their products in photos if I used them and to tag them. I am not required to create a new piece every few days nor am I restricted in what I use to create. What it does mean is that Pentel Canada will allow me to test new products as well as support giveaways for Canadian residents. I can’t wait for my first in-person art show! 😊

I will continue my journey with graphite but will also work with colored pencil, watercolor, gouache and yes acrylic! More to come in a future edition about the acrylic.

Please check out the site to see the other wonderful artists that are part of this program.

Also, here’s some artwork I posted recently as well.

A frog in graphite based on a reference from CLMSPhotography (Instagram)
Graphite on Bristol Smooth paper - reference from CLMSPhotography (Instagram)
Work in progress - gouache on 8” by 10” black watercolor paper

Recent Drawing Inspiration Episodes

Here are a couple of the most recent “Drawing Inspiration” podcast episodes. The podcast is available wherever you listen to music.

68: Taming Inner Demons with Pencils and Magic with Marta Witkiewicz

68: Taming Inner Demons with Pencils and Magic with Marta Witkiewicz

I talk about a recent course, some new pieces in my online store as well as revealing my 2022 theme. I am then joined by Marta Witkiewicz who talks about her journey from the forests and meadows to Poland to a world of magic and fantasy. Marta talks about her demons and how art has provided her with a safe harbor. She shares her technical skills, her love of writing, and her thoughts about social media. Her homework will leave you wondering, why?

69: Building Your Creative Brand with Cole LaBounty McNair

69: Building Your Creative Brand with Cole LaBounty McNair

I reflect on 2021 and success of the podcast. I also touch on some recent watercolor and colored pencil pieces. Cole LaBounty McNair then joins the podcast to talk about his journey in art from a young age to where he is now. We talk about education, skill, inspiration and building your brand. Cole shares some insights around his success and his approach to running a creative business. Cole’s homework will give you pause.

70: Escaping Expectations with Vibrant Colors and Canvases of Dreams with Shima Star

70: Escaping Expectations with Vibrant Colors and Canvases of Dreams with Shima Star

I play with colored pencil on black toned paper and revisit graphite with a wonderful photogenic gecko. I am then joined by Shima Star who is an amazing artist I met through Clubhouse. We talk about her journey from exploring creativity in secret to creating then following her own path. Shima talks about her inspiration for her work and mediums. She also speaks to building a large community on Clubhouse and how to foster acceptance and empower and celebrate women and people of color. Her homework will provide you with a vision.

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What I’m Watching

We have had some decent snow piling up in Ottawa recently, so I decided to watch “14 Peaks” on Netflix. An incredible documentary about a Nepalese mountaineer who submitted the peaks of 14 mountains in just under 7 months breaking a number of world records. The cinematography as well as the sound design are very well done. Even though I have no interest in ever doing this, it pulled me in provided a view into a world of harsh beauty. It’s worth the watch!

What I’m Reading

I have finally committed to read a book I have pulled from but this time I reading it cover to cover. If you are any kind of creative and have not read “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron then consider it required reading. The book is combination of background and introspection as well as activities designed to awaken and elevate your creativity. It was writtten a number of years ago but I feel with the last couple of years, it is more applicable than ever.

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Vol. 2, No. 1, January 2022